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Hepatitis B Vaccine Malaysia Promo Price (Kids)

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Malaysia Promo Price (Kids)


This package includes:-

  • 1 dose of the vaccine
  • Registration Fee
  • Doctor’s Procedures & Consultation Fee
  • Injection & Nursing Fees


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Hepatitis B vaccine is used to prevent liver infection that is caused by the hepatitis B virus. The complications vary from patient to patient. Some get ill for a few weeks while others might progress into serious, lifelong sickness.

Why is hepatitis B vaccine important for children?

Age itself is an important factor on whether the condition becomes chronic or not. The younger a person is, the higher the chance of developing a chronic infection if infected with hepatitis B. Children that are older or adults have a better chance of recovering from the virus completely and do not develop into the chronic stage of the infection.


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How is hepatitis B spread to a child?

Hepatitis B thrives in bodily fluid such as blood and others. A child might get infected
– during birth as it’s spread from an infected mother to the baby
– sharing items such as toothbrushes
– direct contact with the blood of someone who is infected
– exposure to infected person’s blood through items such as scissors

A lot of people with hepatitis B may not know that they are infected with the virus because they don’t feel sick. Even so, they still carry the virus and may spread it without knowing. This is another reason why adults too should get vaccinated.

How long does the hepatitis B virus can survive outside the body?

The hepatitis virus can survive for at least 7 days on the surface. So, be sure to clean any blades or scissors and surfaces with disinfectant to ensure that the blood spills are cleaned properly. Patients that are infected should be aware of this and clean up everything including dried blood. This is to be taken seriously to prevent from accidentally infecting another person both young or adult.

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