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Double Eyelid Package

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Incisional Double Eyelid

The surgical method involves making an incision at the upper eyelids to create a permanent crease and fold. Usually, some skin and muscle will be excised as well. This method is a good option if your upper eyelid skin is thick, or if you want a permanent double eyelid. It’s also performed under general anaesthesia or with IV sedation and local anaesthetic.

Why you need the surgery?

  • VISION INTERRUPTED – Your eyelids are interfering with your vision.
  • MATCHING EYELIDS – You have only one double eyelid.
  • LARGER EYES – Permanent creases can make your eyes appear larger.
  • EASIER MAKEUP – Certain makeup styles are easier to apply.
  • AESTHETICS – You wish to have double eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery 3 weeks to recover! Terms & Conditions Apply. Promotion valid until 30th April 2023.

only at Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara.