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Meningococcal Vaccine Promo Price Malaysia (Kids)


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Meningococcal Vaccine Price Malaysia (Kids)


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Get the meningococcal vaccine in Malaysia at a promo price with Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara today.

The meningococcal vaccine can prevent meningococcal disease that is caused by a certain type of bacteria. The infection could lead to life-threatening condition if not treated quickly.

Why is the meningococcal vaccine important for children?

The vaccine is recommended for kids and teens to protect them from the meningococcal disease. The risk is higher for kids that:

The vaccine also protects your child from bloodstream infections as well as infection on the lining of the brain and spinal cord.

Surviving the meningococcal disease may come with a long-term disability. The vaccine is the way to protect your child from suffering from this risk.


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How is the meningococcal disease spread?

Meningococcal disease is contagious. It can be spread through close contact with the mucus of an infected – for example kissing or living in the same household.

In a small percentage of the infected, they carry the bacteria in their nose or throat. What’s more concerning is that they may not even show any signs of illnesses. This makes them able to spread the disease without them knowing.

How long do the meningococcal bacteria survive outside the body?

The bacteria can only live outside the body for a few seconds. So, there is way lesser risk of getting infected by touching commonly touched places such as tables and doorknobs.

It is also harder for the bacteria to be spread through food unlike that of hepatitis A virus.

Purchased vaccines are valid until 18 December 2021 ONLY.

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