Our skin is the largest organ in the body and performs the important function of protecting us against infection and regulating temperature and water balance. Skin problems may not only cause discomfort such as itchiness and peeling, but also affect our appearance, which can affect one’s confidence.

A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in conditions of the skin, hair, scalp and nails. They are able to diagnose, advise on suitable skin care practices for your condition, and treat with medication or surgery if needed. There are more than 3000 conditions that can be treated, so make an appointment with our dermatologist for a proper evaluation.

When To Seek Treatment

  • If you have stubborn acne and over-the-counter treatments are not helping
  • If you have a skin rash that is itchy or inflamed
  • If you have a viral, bacterial or fungal infection on your skin
  • If you notice fleshy bumps, warts, or other skin growths
  • If you are experiencing hair loss
  • If you have nail problems such as ingrown nails, fungal infections or skin damage
  • If you notice discoloured patches of skin or loss of skin pigment
  • If you have itchy, red, scaly patches on the skin
  • If you notice small, red, pus filled bumps on the skin
  • If you have ulcers, open sores, or skin lesions
  • If you have a mole or patch of skin that has changed in size or colour
  • If you have swollen and bulging veins on your legs, that are painful
  • If you have scars, or raised scars that are less than desirable, and would like them reduced
  • If you are concerned about minimising skin damage or caring for aging skin

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