Paediatrics covers the health care of our younger ones, from new-borns up to adolescents up to the age of 16. Whether it is for a routine check or procedure, or for an illness or injury, our paediatricians understand the different approaches needed to treat children and offer support to parents.

A visit to our paediatrician with a vulnerable child is also less stressful with our comfortable child-friendly facilities such as a kid play area and fully equipped baby room.

When To Seek Treatment

  • For asthma and allergy management
  • For basic emergency care (nebuliser therapy, treatment of allergic reaction, wound dressing)
  • For breastfeeding consultation
  • For developmental and behavioural care advice
  • For growth and development assessments
  • For minor lab procedures (blood test for dengue, flu test, stool test for Rotavirus)
  • For new-born and baby care advice
  • For routine and recommended vaccination for children
  • For travel medicine and vaccination
  • For treatment of common childhood illnesses (fever, cough and cold, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, respiratory conditions, hand foot and mouth disease, ear infections, constipation, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infection, chickenpox, etc.)


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Dr Lynn Tiong Mun Lin


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Dr Tengku Putri


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