Colposcopy (with/without biopsy)

Colposcopy is a simple procedure where a special ‘camera’ is used for your doctor to closely examine the cervix, vagina and vulva. The main purpose is to identify areas of the cervix that look out of the ordinary. Your doctor will usually take a sample (biopsy) from the most unusual looking area. This sample or ‘biopsy’ will be sent to the laboratory for further testing.

From RM4,250

Colposcopy & Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ)

A colposcopy can also be a see and treat procedure. If an abnormality is detected during a colposcopy, your doctor may be able to remove the abnormal area using a thin wire that is heated electronically. This is known as a loop excision of your cervix or a LLETZ. The advantage of this treatment is that the tissue is not destroyed. This enables the laboratory to not only confirm the extent of the cell changes, it also helps us ensure all the abnormal areas of your cervix have been removed.

From RM5,100

Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic)

A hysteroscope is a camera(scope) that is used to examine the uterus. It is a thin, lighted camera that is passed into the vagina, through the cervix into your uterus/womb. It enables your doctor to identify the cause of your problems and a targeted biopsy of the lining of your uterus can be performed as well.

From RM9,350

Therapeutic Hysteroscopy

The use of a hysteroscopy can also facilitate surgery that arises from within the uterus. The removal of polyps, fibroids and foreign bodies can be facilitated through the hysteroscope.

From RM5,950

Dilatation and Curettage

This is a procedure where tissue is removed from within your womb (uterus). We usually will perform this procedure for women with heavy periods (to identify the cause of the bleeding) or for women with a miscarriage (to remove the products of conception).

From RM2,000

Marsupialisation of Bartholin’s Cysts or Abscesses

A blocked Bartholin’s gland needs this special surgical technique to reduce recurrence. The cyst or abscess is drained and the cavity is laid open so the body can heal properly from within.

From RM1,300

Insertion of Intrauterine Device/System

The insertion of an intrauterine device can be used for treatment of heavy periods. In 80% of cases, women fitted with this device can have a hysterectomy (removal of their womb / uterus). These can be fitted in an outpatient setting or during a hysteroscopy procedure.

From RM800

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