Benefits Of Doing Household Chores For A Child

Why should kids do chores? This article will describe several benefits of doing household chores for a child.

I’m pretty sure most parents out there are worried that their children are spending too much time on the screen ?during this MCO period. Some children probably do not have a proper routine now as school semester has ended and there are no more online classes.

So what sort of beneficial activities shall we make them do at home?


By doing house chores together such as putting the clothes in the basket ?, watering the plants ? and feeding a pet ?, you are actually not ‘punishing’ them but HELPING with their EMOTIONAL development.

Toddlers are fascinated with housework and love to imitate them as early as 18 months old.

So how does doing household chores BENEFIT a child? Here are 5 benefits of doing household chores for a child that all parents should know about:

doing house chores builds child's self esteem

 Builds their self esteem


– By doing house chores, it encourages independence and usually they will feel satisfied after completing the task. It makes them feel important. Once a task has been completed, remember to praise their effort even though you may not seem very ‘happy’ with the result. ?

doing house chores emphasizes the value of keeping things clean and organized in children

 Emphasizes the value of keeping things clean and organized


– By encouraging them to do simple tasks like keeping their toys back into the box, will instil good habits and sense of responsibility. After all, a cluttered home can bring a cluttered mind.

sets routine to clean up the house

 Sets a routine of helping around the house


– If a child is used to cleaning up the house, hopefully, this will create a good habit that will be practised into their teen years and beyond.

teaches teamwork

 Teaches teamwork


When assigned to a certain task, a child will feel that he/she is a part of the family as he/she is able to help. Principles such as accountability and time management can also be taught when a task is assigned.

a chance of bonding with the family

 A chance for bonding

By doing simple tasks, it can create special memories between a parent and a child.

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