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HPV vaccination is often related to the prevention cervical cancer. You’ve probably heard about HPV vaccine as one of the vaccines that is meant for women. This is not exactly true. Contrarily to what is more popularly advertised, men too can take HPV vaccine. This post will tell you more about HPV vaccination in Malaysia.

Today, we have one of our consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr Loh Huey Wen to enlighten us. What does HPV vaccine prevent? Why is it important and how does it affect both genders?

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What is cervical cancer?

Cervical Cancer is cancer of the cervix (also known as the neck of the womb) and is the second most common cancer among Malaysian women between the ages of 15-44. Every day, five new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed, and two women lose the fight against this disease. Unfortunately, cervical cancer often presents late symptoms such as bleeding in between your periods are often ignored. While the disease is most common among women aged 40-64, all ages are at risk once they are sexually active. Over 90 percent of cervical cancers are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (also known as HPV).

hpv transmitted by sexual intercourse

How do I get HPV?

HPV can be passed on from one person to another by sexual intercourse, but it is not like the other sexually transmitted diseases. This transfer of the virus can happen as most people are asymptomatic. There is no treatment for HPV infection, but majority of the infections are cleared off by the body within 2 years. If the body is not able to clear the HPV in your body, this can cause changes in the cells of the cervix which if left untreated could lead to cancer.

HPV is a very common disease and it is estimated that 80 percent of men and women will be infected with the HPV virus at some point in their lives. It can also cause genital warts, cervical and penile cancers.

What can be done to reduce the risk of cervical cancer?

The risk of cervical cancer can be reduced by regular cervical smears. This will detect pre-cancerous changes of the cervix which can be removed if detected.

There is now a vaccine that can prevent HPV infection and eliminate the risk of cervical cancer. This vaccine is known as Gardasil 9 and is now available at SSCD, Kota Damansara, Malaysia. Studies have shown that this vaccination will reduce all HPV related cancers by 90% and the benefits of the vaccine lasts more than 10 years.

doctor consultation on smear test result

I have had a smear and I have been told I have HPV. Does this mean that I will get cervical cancer?

Our bodies are amazing and will work towards getting rid of the HPV virus in our systems. HPV infection does not necessarily mean cancer, but this should prompt you to be up to date with your regular cervical smears.

Cervical cancer is a slow growing cancer and the pre-cancerous cells caused by HPV infection take years to develop into cancers. Regular cervical smears will detect these pre-cancerous cells which can then be treated before they can progress into a cancer.

Who needs the vaccination?

Recommended age for HPV vaccine in Malaysia is from 9 until 45 years old.  This includes boys and girls.  This cervical vaccine protects your child before they are exposed to a disease. That’s why the HPV vaccine is recommended earlier rather than later, to protect your child long before they are ever exposed to the virus. If the vaccine is given between 9 to 14 years, they will only require 2 doses of the vaccine. If they are vaccinated at age 15 and above, they will require 3 doses.

People who have never had sex before are also advised to have the vaccination regardless of their age. Even if you have been exposed to HPV previously, vaccination will still have some benefit in reducing the risk of cervical cancer.

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What is the vaccination schedule?

Two doses of the HPV vaccine are recommended for all boys and girls at ages 9-14 years and this is given within 6 months. Children who start the vaccine series on or after their 15th birthday need three shots given over 6 months. It is advisable to complete all the doses to ensure that you are fully protected.

Do I still need cervical smears after having the vaccine?

Although the vaccine is very effective at reducing the risk of cervical cancer, this does not mean that you should stop having cervical smears. It is recommended that you continue with your regular smears.

In conclusion, HPV vaccine is important to prevent cervical cancer as well as genital warts and other types of cancer that affects the anus, vulva, vagina and penis. One can get the vaccine from as young as 9 years old until they’re 45 for both gender. However, the dosage count would differ according to age range.

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